Sylvie EHRET

To support you and find solutions to situations.

Working on your administrative efficiency, optimizing your cash flow, projecting your ambitions and helping you to achieve them.

My priority: your satisfaction

Business consulting ? Coaching ? Development of skills ?
Treasury, Profitability, Financial strategy, Securing international payment methods, Administrative organization, ….
Entrust me with your needs and let’s manage together their answers.
A plurality of experiences of about 30 years in the direct support of leaders of small and medium-sized companies, craftsmen, an export component and the desire to share a know-how contribute to make my offer accessible to all: companies (whatever the stage of your activity: creation, development, less easy periods), schools or universities (consulting or training).

Sylvie EHRET


Sylvie Ehret

My history

I have worked in different contexts and structures, evolving in an international context since 2010, with a Finance and Administration Director’s hat on. I have worked with figures but also and above all with an operational and strategic vision to feed the ambitions of the Management, while considering the importance of the teams and involving them in the success of the projects.

To give meaning, strength and cohesion to my actions, I enriched my curriculum and validated the university degree “International Development of SMEs” and the Master “International Trade and Emerging Countries”.

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